Revue des blogs – jeudi 20 août 2015

Back to the future: using scenarios to road-test the policies of tomorrow / Amanda Palazzo, Nexus, research blog of IIASA, 20/08/2015

If a company wants to build a car that is safe and reliable, they will test it in many ways. They will use wind tunnels and crash tests to identify potential weaknesses. Similarly, if policymakers want to develop the best policies possible, they need to know how their policy will look and succeed in several different, but realistic, possible futures. We call these futures, scenarios… lire la suite

Même si elles sont tenues, les promesses des États à la COP-21 ne permettront pas d’atteindre les objectifs climatiques visés. C’est ce qu’affirme une étude du Grantham Institute, de la London School of Economics (ici)… lire la suite

Summer is the time for movie blockbusters and some film studios prefer safer sequels over original plots, often independent of the success of the original. So it is perhaps appropriate that Gazprom recently proposed to expand its Nord Stream gas pipeline to ship more gas directly to Germany… lire la suite

Europe depends heavily on Russian gas, but Gazprom’s plan to stop using Ukrainian pipelines will require a new EU strategy… lire la suite

Carbon Tax: Practicalities of Cutting a Deal / Timothy Taylor, Conversable Economist, 18/08/2015

 The key practical questions about a carbon tax include what should be taxed and how much is should be taxed. The what is fairly clear; the how much is fuzzier. But if advocates of a carbon tax could agree on the size and shape of such a tax, they could offer some interesting incentives for political wheeling and dealing. Donald Marron, Eric Toder, and Lydia Austin write about “Taxing Carbon: What, Why, and How” in a June 2015 exposition for the Tax Policy Center (which is a joint venture of Brookings and the Urban Institute)… lire la suite

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