Revue des blogs – vendredi 4 septembre 2015

ADP Bonn negotiations: What is the deal with strategic review? / Alexandra Deprez, Climate 365, 3/09/2015

With only 10 remaining negotiation days until COP21, the Bonn ADP session this week has to accelerate negotiations and make progress on building convergence, especially in those areas where it is most lacking. In their ‘tool’ (ADP.2015.4.Informal Note), the co-chairs identified the so called ‘strategic review’ as one of these areas necessitating particular work to clarify options. Indeed, the tool’s text on strategic review, and in particular the text situated in the ‘draft agreement’ (Part I) reveals several confusions, including on what is the review’s purpose, focus, scale, timing, process, and outcome… lire la suite

A first reading of the Co-Chair’s negotiation tool on finance / Sani Zou, Climate 365, 3/09/2015

With less than three months until Heads of States will gather in Paris to seal a deal on the global climate governance architecture starting in 2020, negotiators are meeting again this week in Bonn to make progress on a text for negotiations at the UNFCCC COP21. Finance will be one of the major pillars of the new agreement, but also one of the most difficult to negotiate. Discussions between countries wearing Annex I and non-Annex I hats have been thorny, overshadowed by the lack of technical and political clarity on developed countries’ progress towards meeting the $100 billion financing target… lire la suite

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