Revue des blogs – vendredi 11 septembre 2015

« La ville durable creuse les inégalités » / Yves Raibaud, CNRS le Journal, 10/09/2015

Dès qu’on adopte les lunettes du genre pour étudier la ville, celle-ci apparaît inégalitaire entre femmes et hommes. Et la ville durable ne ferait qu’empirer les choses… L’analyse du géographe Yves Raibaud lire la suite

Economists vs. Economics / Dani Rodrik, Project Syndicate, 10/09/2015

Ever since the late nineteenth century, when economics, increasingly embracing mathematics and statistics, developed scientific pretensions, its practitioners have been accused of a variety of sins. The charges – including hubris, neglect of social goals beyond incomes, excessive attention to formal techniques, and failure to predict major economic developments such as financial crises – have usually come from outsiders, or from a heterodox fringe. But lately it seems that even the field’s leaders are unhappy… lire la suite

Where Are the Carbon Market Provisions? / David Hone, Shell,  The Energy Collective, 10/09/2015

With just 100 days to run until COP21 in Paris and a tenth of that available for formal negotiations, the various national delegations met in Bonn last week to try and push forward the 80+ pages of text, replete with hundreds of bracketed options, into something that looks like a climate treaty. By all media outlet accounts progress was slow. … lire la suite

Now What’s That Got to Do with the Price of Oil? / Varun Sivaram & Peyton Kliefoth, Energy, Security, and Climate, 8/09/2015

Over the weekend, I published a piece in Fortune Magazine explaining a surprising correlation between falling oil prices and tumbling shares of Yieldcos, which are publicly traded holding companies mostly comprising renewable energy assets in the U.S. and Europe… lire la suite

Climate Change as a Charitable Investment? / Jessica Wentz, Climate Law blog, 8/09/2015

Mitigating climate change is going to require unlocking new sources of finance to fund the innovative technologies that will take us to a low-emissions future. Program related investments (PRIs), investments that support charitable activities while also offering the potential return of capital, are one vehicle that could help unlock these funds… lire la suite

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