Revue des blogs – mardi 13 octobre 2015

Climate policy: Prices versus equity / Lucas Bretschger, Vox, 11/10/2015

Canadian Climate Policy Report Card: 2015 / Mark Jaccard, Sustainability Suspicions, 10/10/2015

Executive Summary : Over the past three decades, governments in developed countries have made many commitments to reduce a specific quantity or percentage of greenhouse gases by a specific date, but often they have failed to implement effective climate policies that would achieve their commitment… lire la suite

Sur la route des 100 milliards de dollars pour le climat: que peut-on attendre de la réunion de Lima? / Ian Cochran et Romain Morel, Progressistes pour le climat, 8/10/2015

Du 8 au 11 octobre, plusieurs réunions regrouperont à Lima (Pérou) les ministres des finances, les gouverneurs de banques centrales du G20, la Banque Mondiale et le Fonds Monétaire International. Le sujet brûlant des flux internationaux de financement climat devrait être longuement discuté cette année. Ces réunions s’inscrivent dans un contexte particulier… lire la suite

Financing to Protect Forests: Will Carbon Markets Deliver? / Brian Murray, research professor of environmental economics at Duke University’s Nicholas School of the Environment, Energy, Security and Climate, 12/10/2015

Carbon markets, once touted as a golden ticket for funding efforts to reduce deforestation, have yet to deliver on their promise… lire la suite

How Can Zero (net energy) be a Hero? / James Bushnell, Energy Institute at Haas blog, 11/10/2015

I am frequently asked why people seem to dislike economists so much. It’s a complicated question to answer. There are lots of reasons, many represented in the comments section of this blog. One could be economists’ stubborn insistence on evidence-based analysis of programs we would all like to see succeed.  Another reason is the propensity of economists to complain like curmudgeons about popular ideas that seem to be embraced by everyone but make little economic sense… lire la suite

Understanding climate feedbacks / Eric Wolff, Royal Society research professor in the Climate Change and Earth-Ocean-Atmosphere Systems Group at the University of Cambridge, Carbon Brief, 8/10/2015

This week, the Royal Society published a special journal issue on the topic of climate feedbacks. This edition collects together the papers based on presentations that scientists made at a Royal Society conference in December 2014, covering the latest science and uncertainties around climate feedbacks… lire la suite

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