Energy cooperation under the aegis of the Weimar triangle

Energy cooperation under the aegis of the Weimar triangle : springboard for a common european energy policy / Andoura Sami.  Genshagen Foundation, 30 p. Genshagener Papiere N°3, Dec. 2010.

Résumé Genshagen Foundation : In light of the renewed interest among the political leadership in the three countries, energy and sustainable development offer a highly visible and attractive opportunity to relaunch cooperation within the Weimar Triangle. The diversity of national strategies within the EU27 makes the emergence of a truly European common energy policy difficult. Issues in energy policy can, however, be fully addressed only if action is undertaken collectively.
Germany, France and Poland manifest huge differences in terms of energy choices, industrial landscape, technological structures, institutions, regulatory practice and, above all, energy mixes. A rapprochement between their respective national positions through the Weimar platform could pave the way for enhanced cooperation between EU countries in the field of energy, and should, above all, help to foster a common European energy policy. Furthermore the Weimar Triangle could serve as a mediation forum between the partners in order to preempt and settle differences before they turn into crises which affect the EU as a whole.
Through ad hoc projects, transnational, interregional and intergovernmental cooperation, collaboration between Germany, Poland and France should focus on three main issues, collective research, regional networks and a common approach to external energy supply. Given the wide range of instruments available to Germany, France and Poland, a pragmatic and results-oriented approach, focused on concrete projects would lead to decisive changes. (© Genshagen Foundation)

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