Environmental Scanning and Sustainable Development

Environmental Scanning and Sustainable Development / ed. by Nicolas Lesca. London : ISTE ; Hoboken : Wiley, 2011, 293 p. ISBN978-1-84821-284-8


This work is an initial exploration of the relationship between scanning and sustainable development. In ten chapters, the authors examine the application, characteristics and implementation of scanning oriented toward sustainable development. Thus the work offers some answers to the questions “what is sustainable scanning?”, “what new issues does it raise for management practice and management science?”, “what forms can it take?” and “how…?” (© Wiley)

contents :

  • Sustainable development : a vague and ambiguous theory / Y. Pesqueux
  • Parameters and particularities of sustainable development-oriented strategic scanning / MF Caron-Fasan
  • Sustainable development of large network service companies : inhabiting territories via middle managers, strategic scanners / AC Martinet & MA Payaud
  • Small business and sustainable development / M. Marchesnay
  • Human resources scanning : a tool for the implementation of sustainable development ? / MC Chalus-Sauvannet
  • Sustainable scanning in a network : an ambitious project for company/territory synergies creation / M. Marais S. Hernandez & O. Keramidas
  • The greenhouse gas inventory : a scanning tool in the fight against climate change / O. Blanchard
  • Targeting “sustainable scanning” : a methodology based on logistic and supply chain management / N. Fabbe-Costes, C. Roussat & J.  Colin
  • Our actions and projects, their risks and impact on the environment : using the weak signal concept to explore unforeseen and unexpected possibilities / N. lesca
  • Sustainable chemistry and weak signals : CO2 as a raw material to value / H. Lesca

Cette publication est l’adaptation et mise à jour de l’ouvrage Veille et développement durable, paru en 2010 chez Lavoisier

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