World Energy Outlook 2016

World Energy Outlook 2016 / International Energy Agency. Paris : OECD, Nov. 2016, 684 p.

Présentation (© IEA/OCDE) :

The landmark Paris Agreement on climate change will transform the global energy system for decades to come.

The latest World Energy Outlook offers the most comprehensive analysis of what this transformation of the energy sector might look like, thanks to its energy projections to 2040. It reviews the key opportunities and challenges ahead for renewable energy, the central pillar of the low- carbon energy transition, as well as the critical role for energy efficiency.

WEO-2016 examines how a post-Paris world redefines the idea of energy security, particularly in the power sector, the frontline in the fight against climate change. The report explores how oil, natural gas and coal are adjusting to today’s market conditions and assesses the risks that lie ahead, from under-investment in essential supply to stranded assets.

WEO-2016 looks at individual country pledges and examines how   close – or far – nations are from reaching their goals. It outlines a course that would limit the rise in global temperature to below 2 °C and also plots possible pathways for meeting even more ambitious goals.

This year, WEO-2016 also devotes a special chapter to the critical interplay between water and energy, with an emphasis on the stress points that arise as the linkages between these two sectors intensify.



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