Revue des blogs – jeudi 19 novembre 2015

Pré-COP21 à Paris : Russie, Chine, Etats-Unis… pourquoi ils pourraient torpiller l’espoir d’un accord ambitieux / Christian Gollier, TSE debate, 10/11/2015

Interview accordée à lire la suite

Fossil Fuel Follies /Lili Fuhr, Ecology and Sustainable Development Department at the Heinrich Böll Foundation, Project Syndicate, 18/11/2015

If the world is to avoid climate catastrophe, it will have to forego burning almost 90% of proven coal reserves, plus one-third of oil and half of natural-gas reserves. But instead of implementing policies aimed at realizing that objective, governments continue not only to subsidize the fossil-fuel industry, but also to use scarce public resources to find new reserves. That has to change – and fast… lire la suite

Paris Can Be a Key Step / Robert Stavins, An economic view or the environment, 17/11/2015

I returned from a brief trip to Paris two days before the horrific events of November 13th, which have shocked and saddened civilized people everywhere. I was in Paris for discussions regarding climate change policy at OECD headquarters. Now, I’m preparing to return to Paris in less than two weeks with my colleagues from the Harvard Project on Climate Agreements (I’ve inserted a list of our forthcoming “public” activities at the Paris climate talks at the end of this blog post)… lire la suite

Adaptation: Bangladesh is working out a plan / Alexandre Magnan & Michel Colombier, Climate 365, 18/11/2015

Climate change is a direct threat to food security in the countries of the South. Adapting to this change implies reinventing agricultural models. But in what way?… lire la suite

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