The Fall and Rise of Nuclear Power in Britain

The Fall and Rise of Nuclear Power in Britain: a history / Simon Taylor. Cambridge, Energy Policy Research Group. UIT Cambridge, March 2016, 256 p. ISBN: 9781906860318 – £19.99

Taylor describes the UK’s renewed commitment to nuclear energy as based on a “noble ambition” to lead the battle against climate change, despite the country accounting for less than 2 per cent of global emissions. Yet he also wonders whether that ambition (which others regard as misguided) justifies the expenditure of billions of pounds on yet another new reactor design to achieve a marginal cut in global emissions. Given the past history of nuclear power in Britain, it is hard to be confident that this latest chapter will have a happy ending… (Geoffrey Owen, Financial Times, 7/03/2016)

–>A review of the book, by Gordon Mackerron,  can be read in the latest Nature Energy  here.


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