Climat : papiers de recherche moissonnés (27/05/2016)

China’s Climate Change South-South Cooperation: Track Record and Future Direction / Moritz Weigel. UNDP China, April 2016, 49 p.

In this landscaping paper, UNDP has begun to provide a roadmap for ways China, the UN, and other stakeholders can join hands in this area. For the first time we have an overview of China’s previous and current work on South-South cooperation and climate change. The report also presents unique insights from a global survey of Southern countries’ on their priorities for the areas and means of collaborating with China. Finally, it provides thoughtprovoking options for China’s future delivery of South-South projects in climate change…

Carbon Credits and Additionality : Past, Present, and Future. Washington DC : World Bank, May 2016, 37 p. (Partnership for Market Readiness Technical Papers ; 13)

Several PMR countries are developing crediting mechanisms for domestic markets. Some countries are developing crediting mechanisms with a view to exploring options for trading with other countries in the future. The concept of “additionality” has long been considered important in the context of these crediting mechanisms as it ensures that the emission reduction or removal that is credited would not have otherwise occurred. However, there are different approaches that have been used and are emerging as new crediting mechanisms are being designed and implemented. This paper clarifies the concept of additionality and its significance for crediting mechanisms; describes the different approaches that have been used to demonstrate or test additionality; and explores the implications of the evolving carbon markets on the application and importance of additionality.

The Adaptation Gap Report 2016. Nairobi : United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), May 2016, 72 p.

The latest in UNEP’s Adaptation Gap Report series looks at the difference between adaptation costs in developing countries and funds currently available – the ‘adaptation finance gap’. The report identifies trends and highlights challenges associated with measuring progress towards fulfilling the adaptation finance gap, while informing national and international efforts to advance adaptation. It analyses the ‘adaptation finance gap’ against the background of the provisions laid out in the Paris Agreement, and benefits from the insights included in the INDCs…

Staying on Track from Paris: Advancing the Key Elements of the Paris Agreement / Yamide Dagnet, David Waskow, Cynthia Elliott, Eliza Northrop, Joe Thwaites, Kathleen Mogelgaard, Melisa Krnjaic, Kelly Levin, Heather McGray. Washington : World Resources Institute, May 2016, 60 p. (working paper)

The Paris Agreement is a hugely significant step towards reaching a zero-carbon and resilient world. But challenges remain if we are to limit temperature rise and increase capacity to adapt to climate impacts. Those challenges include: the alignment of financial flows towards zero-carbon and climate resilient development; increased ambition for country contributions; and global cooperation around the design of the operational tools of the Agreement.

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