Revue des blogs – jeudi 26 mai 2016

Adaptation to climate change: how to stimulate the economy and bring benefits to public finance / Carlo Carraro, Climate Science & Policy, 25/05/2016

VIDEO – The economic perspective has completely changed. Some years ago, any discussion on climate change and its priority among other economic issues were driven by the “old” climate change dilemma: adaptation and mitigation may have high cost, while benefits may be larger, but far in the future… écouter

Germany’s Energiewende: The intermittency problem remains / Christine Sturm, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, Opinion, 20/05/2016

In the American press, there has been much discussion of Germany’s Energiewende—a plan that not only aims for a nearly carbon-free economy by 2050, but also seeks to achieve this ambitious goal with no nuclear power at all… lire

Moving forward with implementing climate plans under the Paris Agreement, Climate Analytics blog, 19/05/2016

When considering what kind of support many developing countries will need to implement their national climate plans (NDCs) under the Paris Agreement, let’s not forget that emission reductions offered in current climate pledges are grossly inadequate to meet the objective of the Paris Agreement to keep warming to 1.5°C, and therefore must be ramped up. If emission reductions are not ramped up, the climate change impacts will be unnecessarily severe, damages will be unnecessarily large, and the costs of adaptation will be unnecessarily high… lire

Recherche : la colère monte contre les coupes / Sylvestre Huet, {Sciences2}, 24/05/2016

Un projet de décret sabrant 256 millions d’euros dans le budget 2016 des Universités et des organismes de recherche suscite de nouvelles protestations. Après celle de Prix Nobel publiée hier dans Le Monde, les Présidents des Conseils scientifiques du Cnrs, de l’Inserm, de l’Inra, de l’Ined et de l’IRD montent au créneau. Une motion du Snesup/FSU a également été votée au CNESER… lire

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