Revue des blogs – mardi 7 juin 2016

La géopolitique de l’après-COP21 : de nouvelles opportunités pour les entreprises / Jean-Marie Chevalier, L’Observatoire Energies d’Entreprises, 7/06/2016

Avant Paris, la géopolitique du climat opposait les pays riches, responsables de la pollution actuelle, et les pays en développement qui souhaitaient que les pays riches fassent de gros efforts et qu’ils aident, financièrement et technologiquement, les pays pauvres à se développer de façon plus durable. Aujourd’hui, les clivages sont plus complexes. Les États-Unis sont freinés par leur structure fédérale. L’Europe confirme ses objectifs ambitieux… lire

Do Energy Efficiency Investments Deliver During Crunch Time? / Lucas Davis and Judson Boomhower, Energy Institute at Haas blog, 6/06/2016

Along with everyone else in Berkeley, we’ve enjoyed watching the home-team Golden State Warriors pull out comeback after miraculous comeback on their way to the NBA Finals. Has anyone else watched Steph Curry and Klay Thompson catch fire at just the right time and thought, “this team could really teach us something about energy efficiency policy?”… lire

Nord Stream 2: Trust in Europe / Severin Fischer, senior researcher in the Global Security Team at the Center for Security Studies (CCS), ETH Zürich, the Energy collective, 3/06/2016

The prospect of building the Nord Stream 2 pipeline between Russia and Germany is dividing the EU into two camps. By following geopolitical considerations, both sides are neglecting the concept of a liberalized natural gas market and are overlooking Europe’s favorable position in current international gas trade… lire

Floating nuclear power plants: China is far from first / Dawn Stover, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, 1/06/2016

On April 22, the state-owned Chinese newspaper Global Times reported that China plans to build as many as 20 floating nuclear power plants, the first of which could be producing power in just a few years. The story made a splash because the power from the floating reactors would most likely be used to accelerate construction of oil rigs and artificial islands in the South China Sea—already a source of border disputes and escalating tension between China and its neighbors… lire

Is US Climate Policy Killing Nuclear Power? / James Bushnell. Energy Institute at Haas blog, 31/05/2016

These are strange times for competitive power markets in the United States.  Baseload power plants, many of them nuclear, are reportedly struggling to stay out of the red. About 10 years ago, plants like these were thriving with high wholesale prices set by (then) high natural gas prices… lire

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