Energie : papiers de recherche moissonnés (23 juin 2016)

Letting in the light : how solar photovoltaics will revolutionise the electricity system / Dolf Gielen, Ruud Kempener, Michael Taylor, Francisco Boshell and Amr Seleem. Abu Dhabi : Irena, June 2016, 52 p. http://www.irena.org/menu/index.aspx?mnu=Subcat&PriMenuID=36&CatID=141&SubcatID=2735

Solar photovoltaic (PV) power generation is poised to revolutionise the electrical system in countries around the world. From around 2% in 2016, the share of global electricity generated from solar PV to grow to as much as 13% by 2030, according to this report from the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). The solar industry’s expansion is driven primarily by cost reductions, with the report anticipating further cost declines by up to 59% in ten years.
Letting in the Light examines PV technology, economics, applications, infrastructure and policy, along with their broader impact, highlighting the global PV industry’s prospects for the future.

Russia : Playing Hardball or Bidding Farewell to Europe? Debunking the Myths of Eurasia’s New Geopolitics of Gas / Morena Skalamera and Andreas Goldthau. Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, June 2016, 54 p. (Discussion paper 2016-03) http://belfercenter.ksg.harvard.edu/publication/26678/russia.html

One of the great questions of energy geopolitics over the last few years has been the nature and extent of Russia’s shift in export strategy away from Europe. The year 2014 arguably marked the end of Gazprom’s multi-decade business model in Europe. In May 2014, the state-controlled natural gas producer, inked a deal worth USD 400 billion to supply Russian gas to China. In November 2014, through a memorandum of understanding, Gazprom pushed the Altai pipeline to service the Asian markets instead of Europe. Finally, in December 2014, it cancelled plans for South Stream—a pipeline project once viewed as a key to locking down the European market and, that same month, announced Turkish Stream, a pipeline aimed at circumventing the transit country Ukraine, and the expansion of Nord Stream, a Russian–German link, through the Baltic Sea…

Nord Stream 2 and its Soft Power – an Unfolding Playground for European Union / Roxana Ioana Banciu, Romanian Journal of European Affairs, Vol. 16, No. 2, June 2016 http://rjea.ier.ro/sites/rjea.ier.ro/files/articole/RJEA_2016_vol16_no2_art_6.pdf

This paper focuses on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline in a double reflection (Russia – the candle, Germany – the mirror) handling one particular aspect that influences Russia-EU relations since the Ukrainian factor emerged as a playground for both East and West tectonic plates – namely the energy sector. It is vital for any global power to understand this approach in order to reach people’s minds, in order to emerge as leaders on the world map and to build a strong perception over a political scene. A recently debated subject is Nord Stream 2. The reason why I have chosen to explore this subject is because I am very interested in how Kremlin seeks to have an exclusive control over Eastern Europe, given the full debate in the last three years. In this thesis I will also discuss some important elements of the Russian Soft Power over Europe introducing the plot of South Stream project.

The Political Economy of Energy Innovation / Shouro Dasgupta, Enrica De Cian, Elena Verdolini. Milan: Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei, 2016, 40 p. (Nota di lavoro ; 2016-035) http://www.feem.it/getpage.aspx?id=8416&sez=Publications&padre=73

This paper empirically investigates the effects of environmental policy, institutions, political orientation, and lobbying on energy innovation. In this FEEM Working Paper, FEEM researchers find that political economy factors significantly affect the incentives to innovate and create cleaner energy efficient technologies…

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