Investing on Low-Carbon Energy Systems

Investing on Low-Carbon Energy Systems : Implications for Regional Economic Cooperation / ed. by Anbumozhi, V., Kalirajan, K., Kimura, F., Yao, X. Springer, 2016

This book investigates low-carbon energy system development that integrate economic growth, environmental sustainability and social development. It explores recent developments in the energy markets in emerging economies  that highlight the need for strengthening regional cooperation across Asia to sustain energy security and reduce carbon emissions, in particular. The book discusses how to pursue effective regional cooperation, focusing on both market-based and extra-market mechanisms to complement and augment country level actions. It pays particular attention to the evolving patterns of Asia’s economic cooperation and integration in recent decades, and highlights important lessons and insights that need to be incorporated in the organizing framework. The book uses scenario settings, meta -policy analysis and varying coefficients stochastic frontier gravity model in assessing progress in various aspects of regional cooperation. It provides a policy analysis program to guide the continued monitoring and assessment of regional cooperation initiatives in achieving low-carbon green growth in the region.

Contents :

  • Serendipity of Low Carbon Energy System and the Scope of Regional Cooperation / Anbumozhi, Venkatachalam (et al.)
  • Low Carbon Energy Systems in China: Visioning Regional Cooperation Through the Belt and Road / Yuezhong, Zhu (et al.)
  • A Multi-level Experience of Designing Low-Carbon Energy Systems in India / Mathur, Ritu (et al.)
  • Toward a Low-Carbon Economy for Indonesia: Aspirations, Actions and Scenarios / Patunru, Arianto A. (et al.)
  • Greening the Economy with Low Carbon Energy System: Developments, Policy Initiatives and Lessons from Malaysia / Chandran Govindaraju, V. G. R.
  • On the Dynamics of Low Carbon Green Growth in Thailand / Chotichanathawewong, Qwanruedee
  • Functional Characteristics of Low Carbon Energy Systems and Need for Regional Cooperation in Vietnam / Toan, Pham Khanh (et al.)
  • Low Carbon Energy Systems and Indicator Framework for Cambodia, Lao PDR and Myanmar / Sivanappan Kumar
  • Energy Policy and Regional Cooperation: Australia’s Contribution to Low Carbon Green Growth Initiatives / Wijesekere, Gaminiratne (et al.)
  • Aiding the Transition: Innovations with Japan’s Bilateral Offset Mechanisms / Ogihara, Akira (et al.)
  • Regional Cooperation and Asia’s Low Carbon Economy Transition: the Case of New Zealand / Hill, Douglas
  • Low Carbon Energy Transition in EU: Lessons from Economic, Institutional and Management Approaches / Helble, Matthias
  • The Influence of Regional Cooperation on Export Potential of the APEC 54 List of RCEP Countries / Kalirajan, Kaliappa
  • Barriers and Options for Carbon Market Integration / Mo, Lingshui (et al.)
  • Domestic and International Finance in a Regional Perspective / Sudo, Tomonori
  • The Hard Choices that Asia Must Make / Kalirajan, Kaliappa (et al.)


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