Energy Union: Europe’s New Liberal Mercantilism?

Energy Union: Europe’s New Liberal Mercantilism? / ed. by Svein S. Andersen, Andreas Goldthau, Nick Sitter. Palgrave MacMillan, 2017, 253 p. – ISBN: 978-1-137-59105-0 (Print) ; 978-1-137-59104-3

Presentation (© Palgrave) :

This book contributes to an ongoing debate about the EU as a global actor, the organization’s ability to speak with one voice in energy affairs, and the external dimension of the regulatory state. Investigating whether the Energy Union amounts to a fundamental shift towards Europe’s new ‘Liberal Mercantilism’, it gathers high-level contributors from academia and the policy world to shed light on the changing nature of the EU’s use of power in one of its most crucial policy fields. It argues that the Energy Union epitomizes a change in the EU’s approach to managing its economic power. Whilst the EU remains committed to a liberal approach to international political economy, it seems ready to promote regulation for the purpose of augmenting its own power at the expense of others, notably Russia. This edited collection will appeal to political scientists, economists and energy experts.

Contents :

  • Introduction: Perspectives, Aims and Contributions / Andersen, Svein S. (et al.)
  • From Low to High Politics? The EU’s Regulatory and Economic Power / Andersen, Svein S. (et al.)
  • The Road to Energy Union / Vinois, Jean-Arnold
  • The Global Dimension of EU Energy Policy / Noreng, Øystein
  • Geopolitics and the Foreign Policy Dimension of EU Energy Security / Franza, Luca (et al.)
  • Wither the EU’s Market Making Project in Energy: From Liberalization to Securitization? / Boersma, Tim (et al.)
  • The Hunter Becomes the Hunted: Gazprom Encounters EU Regulation / Overland, Indra
  • An Industry Perspective: The Primacy of Market-Building / Eyre, Sebastian
  • Regulating for Consumers? The Agency for Cooperation of Energy Regulators / Labelle, Michael Carnegie
  • The Energy Network: Infrastructure as the Hardware of the Energy Union / Crisan, Adina (et al.)
  • An Odd Pro-Market Trio: Germany, the UK and Norway / Andersen, Svein S. (et al.)
  • No United Front: The Political Economy of Energy in Central and Eastern Europe / Nosko, Andrej (et al.)
  • Something for Everyone: Political Fragmentation and Policy Accommodation in the European Parliament / Hulten, Michiel (et al.)
  • Conclusion: Liberal Mercantilism? / Andersen, Svein S. (et al.)

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