Revue des blogs – mercredi 23 novembre 2016

Five ways the Paris Agreement can address oversupply of fossil fuels / Michael Lazarus, senior scientist and US Center director at the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI), Harro van Asselt, senior research fellow in the SEI Oxford Centre and a professor of climate law and policy at the University of Eastern Finland Law School, Carbon brief, 22/11/2016

The World Energy Outlook 2016, released last week, is just one among an increasing line of studies showing how nations need to slow and, ultimately, phase out investment in new fossil fuel supply infrastructure – from oil fields and pipelines to coal mines – if they are serious about keeping warming to 2C or less… lire

De nouvelles aides pour les 12 millions de Français en situation de « précarité énergétique » / Bruno Lechevin, président de l’Ademe et de l’Observatoire national de la précarité énergétique, The Conversation, 22/11/2016

La précarité énergétique est une réalité économique et sociale vécue par 1 Français sur 5. La lutte contre ce phénomène constitue un chantier prioritaire pour réussir la transition énergétique et écologique. Car comment construire une société plus respectueuse des ressources et plus équitable sans traiter la question sociale ?… lire

What a Trump Win Means  For the Global Climate Fight / David Victor, Yale Environment 360, 11/11/2016

Donald Trump’s ascension to the presidency signals an end to American leadership on international climate policy. With the withdrawal of U.S. support, efforts to implement the Paris agreement and avoid the most devastating consequences of global warming have suffered a huge blow… lire

Energy Efficiency: The Sweet Spot for an Economic Stimulus After Brexit / Sussex Energy Group, SPRU, Energy collective, 22/11/2016

Brexit has opened a new era in British politics. Economic uncertainties and a potential slowdown in investment are likely to stay with us in the short to medium term. The Chancellor has made clear that he is prepared to ‘reset’ fiscal policy after Brexit and the Prime Minister announced the launch of a ‘proper industrial strategy’. Energy efficiency is a perfect fit for both. Now is the right time for a major investment in upgrading the UK’s inefficient building stock… lire

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