Revue des blogs – mardi 7 février 2017

Have We Peaked? / Maximilian Auffhammer, Energy Institute at Haas blog, 6/02/2017

The heat is on, and climate change will put significant strain on the US power grid – unless we do something about it… lire

Climate change and financial markets / Silvia Merler, Bruegel blog, 30/01/2017

What’s at stake: Ever since the 2016 Paris Agreement to reduce emissions was signed, researchers have been looking at the impact that moves towards a low-carbon economy might have on financial markets and financial stability. We review these contributions here… lire

Climate Change Could Drive Conflict Over Water. Is the U.S. Ready? / Joshua Busby, Associate Professor of Public Affairs at the University of Texas at Austin, Energy, security and climate, 26/01/2017

It’s official – scientists have confirmed that 2016 was the hottest year on record, the third consecutive year to reach that alarming milestone. Climate change drove more than just high temperatures in 2016, however. Droughts from California to southern Africa and floods from Louisiana to China disrupted agriculture, uprooted thousands of people, and slowed economies around the world… lire

Saving energy when it matters most: Measuring the benefits of energy efficiency investments with smart meter data / Judson Boomhower, Lucas Davis, Vox, 1/02/2017

Electricity prices can vary dramatically within a single day. However, most analyses of energy efficiency programmes ignore this variation, focusing on total energy savings without regard to when those savings occur. This column uses hourly smart-meter data to demonstrates a surprisingly large variation in economic value across energy efficiency investments. Air conditioner investments, for example, deliver savings when the value of electricity is high, increasing their value by about 50%… lire

Environmental economic history / James Fenske, Namrata Kala, Vox, 1/02/2017

A global literature has developed that illuminates the reciprocal and dynamic relationship between humans and their environment in other regions across the world This column, which first appeared as a chapter in a recent Vox eBook, surveys on two topics in the literature: the impact of geographic endowments and the impact of environmental shocks on historical and long-run development… lire

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