Revue des blogs – mercredi 8 mars 2017

How Would Energy Prices Adjust to the Border Adjustment Tax? / Meredith Fowlie, Energy INstitute at Haas blog, 6/03/2017

In a recent Saturday Night Live episode, Baldwin-as-Trump is casting about for clever ways to get Mexico to pay for the border wall. But with each attempt, the joke is on him, and Americans are left footing the bill… lire

Mr. Trump’s climate decision / Todd Stern, Planet Policy, 6/03/2017

The White House is reportedly struggling over whether to walk away from the landmark 2015 Paris Agreement on climate change. But, especially given its highly consequential impact on United States interests around the world, the decision should be a no-brainer, even from the perspective of a climate skeptic.  Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s confirmation hearing advice that we should stay in the regime and keep a seat at the table is clearly right… lire

Gaz : « Moscou cherche à sécuriser ses parts de marché en Europe ». Entretien avec Marie-Claire Aoun, directrice du Centre Énergie de l’IFRI, L’EnerGEEK, 17/02/2017

Dans une note publiée au mois de septembre concernant le projet de gazoduc NordStream2 vous concluez en ces termes : « le chemin pour que Nord Stream 2 puisse voir le jour risque d’être encore long et semé d’embûches ». Diriez-vous que l’appel des énergéticiens européens (Engie, Shell, OMV, Uniper (groupe EON) et Wintershall (groupe BASF) d’octobre 2016, à collaborer avec Moscou a changé la donne ?… lire

The end of the Energiewende is back / Craig Morris, Energy Transition blog, 23/01/2017

Yet again, an expert – this time, a German – says Germany’s energy transition cannot succeed. He has a surprising insight for Energiewende proponents: the sun doesn’t always shine and the wind doesn’t always blow. How could we have missed that? Craig Morris takes a look… lire

Projected Carbon Dioxide Emissions are Sensitive to Factors Driving Fossil Fuel Use / Perry Lindstrom, the energy collective, 2/03/2017

The U.S. Energy Information Administration’s Annual Energy Outlook 2017, released in January, explores several factors affecting projected fossil fuel use and the resulting level of energy-related CO2 emissions over the coming decades… lire

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