Energie : papiers de recherche moissonnés (22 mars 2017)

Russian LNG: Progress and delay in 2017 /  James Henderson. Oxford Institute for Energy Studies, March 2017, 19 p. (Energy insight ; 8) https://www.oxfordenergy.org/publications/russian-lng-progress-delay-2017/

2017 will be a momentous year for Russia’s LNG business, as the Yamal LNG project is due to come online by the end of the year. This will not only be the first Russian-operated LNG development, but will also mark a major shift in the Russian gas sector, as Novatek, rather than Gazprom, has been the instigator and the driving force behind the project. This may well be the start of a trend which could see Novatek become the country’s major LNG player, while Gazprom is also being challenged by Rosneft in both the LNG and pipeline export sectors. This paper discusses the future prospects for Russian LNG and asks whether the events of 2017 will mark a turning point in the development of the Russian gas sector.

Financements de la rénovation énergétique des logements privés et déploiement du tiers-financement : état des lieux et perspectives / Philippe Pelletier, avocat,
président du Plan Bâtiment Durable. Rapport remis le 21 mars 2017 à la Ministre du Logement et de l’Habitat Durable. Plan Bâtiment Durable, mars 2017, 766 p. http://www.planbatimentdurable.fr/IMG/pdf/170321_rapport_financements_de_la_renovation_energetique_des_logements_prives_et_deploiement_tiers-financement.pdf

Fruit d’une large concertation avec les acteurs du financement et de la rénovation énergétique, au plan national comme territorial, le rapport du Plan Bâtiment Durable, remis ce jour, formule 14 recommandations pour favoriser le financement et accroitre la dynamique de rénovation… lire la présentation du rapport sur le site du Plan Bâtiment durable

Constitutional Challenges and Regulatory Opportunities for State Climate Policy Innovation / Felix Mormann, Stanford Law School. University of Miami School of Law, March 2017, 54 p. ( Research Paper No. 17-9) – Harvard Environmental Law Review, Vol. 41, Forthcoming https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=2928840

This Article explores constitutional limits and regulatory openings for innovative state policies to mitigate climate change by promoting climate-friendly, renewable energy. In the absence of a comprehensive federal policy approach to climate change and clean energy, more and more states are stepping in to fill the policy void. Already, nearly thirty states have adopted renewable portfolio standards that create markets for solar, wind, and other clean electricity. To help populate these markets, a few pioneering states have recently started using feed-in tariffs that offer eligible generators above-market rates for their clean, renewable power…

Free Trade in Electric Power / Joel B. Eisen, University of Richmond – School of Law, and Felix Mormann, Stanford Law School. University of Miami School of Law, March 2017, 68 p. (Research Paper No. 17-7) – Utah Law Review, Forthcoming https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=2926116

This article develops the core legal framework of a new electricity-trading ecosystem in which anyone, anytime, anywhere, can trade electricity in any amount with anyone else. The proliferation of solar and other distributed energy resources, business model innovation in the sharing economy, and climate change present enormous challenges — and opportunities — for America’s energy economy. But the electricity industry is ill equipped to adapt to and benefit from these transformative forces, with much of its physical infrastructure, regulatory institutions, and business models a relic of the early days of electrification. We suggest a systematic rethinking to usher in a new trading paradigm and propel the electric utility industry into the 21st century…

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