Revue des blogs – lundi 24 avril 2017

Trump’s Quixotic Energy Policy / Javier Solana, EU High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy, Secretary-General of NATO, Project Syndicate, 24/04/2017

International Earth Day – marks one year since the signing of the Paris climate agreement, which entered into force last November, and now has 195 signatories. That landmark multilateral treaty still represents the most important step forward to date in the global fight against climate change. But its first anniversary has been darkened by US President Donald Trump’s energy policies… lire

Producing industrial hydrogen from renewable energy / Cédric Philibert, Energie et changements climatiques, 20/04/2017

(…) Over 60 million tonnes of hydrogen are produced every year for a range of industrial purposes, including ammonia production, hydrocracking (breaking complex hydrocarbons into lighter fuels), and removing sulfur from fossil fuels… lire

Putting energy into Earth Day / Samantha Gross, Planet Policy, 21/04/2017

Here in Washington and in other cities around the world, Earth Day festivities this year will include the March for Science. This has me thinking about the role of research and innovation in the world’s transition toward lower-carbon energy… lire

Why the U.S. Should Remain in the Paris Climate Agreement / Robert Stavins, An economic view of the environment, 22/04/2017

It was widely reported last week that a White House meeting scheduled for Tuesday, April 18th, was to consider whether the United States should remain a party to the Paris Climate Agreement. At the last second, that meeting was postponed… lire

Sans fléchage, la BCE finance le réchauffement climatique / Alain Grandjean, Chroniques de l’anthropocène, 21/04/2017

Devant l’émoi d’une partie de la société civile européenne du fait de la révélation d’un financement massif de l’industrie fossile via les programmes de création monétaire de la BCE, certains candidats prennent la parole mais la Banque de France se tait… lire

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