Energie : papiers de recherche moissonnés (18 juillet 2017)

Status of Power System Transformation 2017: System integration and local grids. Paris : IEA, July 2017, 158 p. http://dx.doi.org/10.1787/9789264278820-en

Power sectors around the world are undergoing significant change due to the rapid uptake of new supply- and demand-side technologies. In particular, large-scale wind and solar power as well as distributed energy resources are influencing the planning, operation and profitability of power systems. In response, policymakers, utilities and other stakeholders need to apply innovative approaches to transform the power system, with the objective to achieve sustainable, affordable and reliable electricity.

The Status of Power System Transformation 2017 report provides an overview of current trends that are ongoing across the globe, with a focus on the integration of renewables and local grid development. The report examines a broad set of recent concrete power system interventions. A framework for assessing the status of power system transformation is also introduced, and is applied to selected countries: Indonesia, South Africa, Mexico and Australia.

This report can inform stakeholders of the dynamic changes that are occurring in power systems around the world and provide insight into measures that can help to overcome new challenges.

California’s Cap-and-Trade Market Through 2030: A Preliminary Supply/Demand Analysis / Severin Borenstein, James Bushnell, and Frank Wolak. Energy Institute at Haas, July 2017, 21 p. (working paper n° 281) https://ei.haas.berkeley.edu/research/papers/WP281.pdf

California’s cap and trade market is perhaps the most important contribution the state has made to global understanding of the institutions that will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and climate change. State policymakers are currently discussing the terms for extending the market to 2030. In this paper, we attempt to inform that policy process by estimating the distribution of potential outcomes of the cap and trade market under alternative assumptions about the market rules and the additional state policies for reducing greenhouse gases…

Market design for a high-renewables European electricity system / David Newbery, Michael Pollitt, Robert Ritz, and Wadim Strielkowski. Energy Policy Research Group, June 2017, 32 p. (EPRG working paper ; 1711) http://www.eprg.group.cam.ac.uk/eprg-working-paper-1711/

This paper presents a set of policy recommendations for the market design of a future European electricity system characterized by a dominant share of intermittent renewable energy supply (RES), in line with the stated targets of European governments. We discuss the market failures that need to be addressed to accommodate RES in liberalized electricity markets, review the evolution of the EU’s RES policy mechanisms, and summarize the key market impacts of RES to date. We then set out economic principles for market design and use these to develop our policy recommendations. Our analysis covers the value of interconnection and market integration, electricity storage, the design of RES support mechanisms, distributed generation and network tariffs, the pricing of electricity and flexibility as well as long-term contracting and risk management.

The Clean Energy Package: Are its objectives always consistent? / Anna Creti, Jacques Percebois, Boris Solier, Economics and Policy of Energy and the Environment, LVIII, n° 2, 2016, pp. 5-14 https://www.francoangeli.it/riviste/Scheda_Rivista.aspx?IDArticolo=59378&Tipo=Articolo%20PDF&lingua=it&idRivista=10

On 30 November 2016, the European Commission published a proposal for a reform of energy markets titled « Clean Energy for all Europeans », better known as the « Winter Pack-age ». Its aim is to speed up the integration of electricity markets in Europe and to further encourage the use of renewables and the pursuit of energy efficiency, while at the same time placing European consumers at the heart of this project.

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