Chinese Hydropower Development in Africa and Asia

Chinese Hydropower Development in Africa and Asia: Challenges and Opportunities for Sustainable Global Dam-Building / ed. by Dr Giuseppina Siciliano and Dr Frauke Urban (SOAS, University of London). Routledge, 2018, 174 p.


Chinese Hydropower Development in Africa and Asia explores the governance and socio-economic implications of large Chinese dams’ development in low and middle income countries in Asia and Africa, asking how these big infrastructure projects can promote sustainable local and national development. Chinese overseas investment and hydropower development are topics of increasing interest to scholars from across the development, environment, politics and economics disciplines. This is the first book to bring together studies from Africa and Asia to draw out the general challenges and opportunities of Chinese overseas dams’ investments for promoting development.

Table of content:

  1. China’s hydropower development in Africa and Asia: Implications for resource access and development Giuseppina Siciliano and Frauke Urban
  2. Rewards and Risks of Chinese Hydropower in the Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS) Stew Motta and Nathanial Matthews
  3. China’s Investment in African Hydropower: How to Govern the Water-Energy-Nexus? Evidence from the Bui Dam in Ghana Oliver Hensengerth
  4. Benchmarking the Environmental and Social Management Policies and Practices of Chinese Overseas Dam Builders Ying Qiu, Grace Mang and Peter Bosshard
  5. The political ecology of rising China: Case study of Chinese hydropower dams in Africa and Asia May Tan-Mullins, Frauke Urban, Grace Mang
  6. The environmental and social governance of the Bui Dam project in Ghana Paul W. K. Yankson, Kwadwo Owusu, Alex B. Asiedu
  7. The environmental and social governance of the Kamchay dam in Cambodia Giuseppina Siciliano, Frauke Urban, May Tan-Mullins, Lonn Pichdara and Sour Kim
  8. Process and Project Failures in Dam Building in Nigeria: The Case of Zamfara Hydropower Dam Olorunfemi Felix and Onwuemele Andrew
  9. Chinese dam building, renewable energy and socioecological change in East Malaysia Fadzilah Majid Cooke, Gusni Saat, Frauke Urban, Giuseppina Siciliano
  10. Challenges and opportunities for sustainable global dam-building Frauke Urban and Giuseppina Siciliano

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