Revisiting policy options on the market structure in the power sector

Revisiting policy options on the market structure in the power sector / Maria Vagliasindi  and John Besant Jones, ESMAP, June 2011, 91 p.

The key objective of the analytical framework is to explore the links between alternative market structures and performance (in terms of access, price, quality, technical and financial performance). The results are crucial for providing policy advice, by offering alternative options to policy makers based on the lessons learned from the taxonomy of different market structures, tailored to different national peculiarities.
The study specifically examines whether power system size and country per capita income can be reliable indicators of initial conditions for guiding policy on power market structure. Guidance is needed to address issues such as whether there are solid foundations for recommending vertical unbundling for small power systems in low-income countries, particularly in the absence of short term privatization prospects. The proposed policy recommendations therefore have to be tailored to the specific taxonomy of market structures that characterize the electricity sector in developing countries… (more)

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