Innovation and Disruption at the Grid’s Edge

Innovation and Disruption at the Grid’s Edge: How distributed energy resources are disrupting the utility business model / Fereidoon P. Sioshansi. Elsevier, May 2017, 460 p. – ISBN: 978-0-12-811758-3 – print 90.99 €


Innovation and Disruption at the Grid’s Edge examines the viable developments in peer-to-peer transactions enabled by open platforms on the grid’s edge. With consumers and prosumers using more electronic platforms to trade surplus electricity from rooftop solar panels, share a storage battery, or use smart gadgets that manage load and self-generation, the grid’s edge is becoming crowded. (© Elsevier)

The book examines the growing number of consumers engaging in self-generation and storage, and analyzes the underlying causes and drivers of change, as well as the implications of how the utility sector—particularly the distribution network—should/could be regulated. The book also explores how tariffs are set and revenues are collected to cover both fixed and variable costs in a sustainable way. This reference is useful for anyone interested in the areas of energy generation and regulation, especially stakeholders engaged in the generation, transmission, and distribution of power.


Part I: Envisioning Alternative Futures

  • Chapter 1 – Innovation and Disruption at the Grid’s Edge
  • Chapter 2 – Innovation, Disruption, and the Survival of the Fittest
  • Chapter 3 – The Great Rebalancing: Rattling the Electricity Value Chain from Behind the Meter
  • Chapter 4 – Beyond Community Solar: Aggregating Local Distributed Resources for Resilience and Sustainability
  • Chapter 5 – Grid Versus Distributed Solar: What Does Australia’s Experience Say About the Competitiveness of Distributed Energy?
  • Chapter 6 – Powering the Driverless Electric Car of the Future
  • Chapter 7 – Regulations, Barriers, and Opportunities to the Growth of DERs in the Spanish Power Sector
  • Chapter 8 – Quintessential Innovation for Transformation of the Power Sector

Part II: Enabling Future Innovations

  • Chapter 9 – Bringing DER Into the Mainstream: Regulations, Innovation, and Disruption on the Grid’s Edge
  • Chapter 10 – Public Policy Issues Associated With Feed-In Tariffs and Net Metering: An Australian Perspective
  • Chapter 11 – We Don’t Need a New Business Model: “It Ain’t Broke and It Don’t Need Fixin”
  • Chapter 12 – Toward Dynamic Network Tariffs: A Proposal for Spain
  • Chapter 13 – Internet of Things and the Economics of Microgrids

Part III: Alternative Business Models

  • Chapter 14 – Access Rights and Consumer Protections in a Distributed Energy System
  • Chapter 15 – The Transformation of the German Electricity Sector and the Emergence of New Business Models in Distributed Energy Systems
  • Chapter 16 – Peer-to-Peer Energy Matching: Transparency, Choice, and Locational Grid Pricing
  • Chapter 17 – Virtual Power Plants: Bringing the Flexibility of Decentralized Loads and Generation to Power Markets
  • Chapter 18 – Integrated Community-Based Energy Systems: Aligning Technology, Incentives, and Regulations
  • Chapter 19 – Solar Grid Parity and its Impact on the Grid

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