Revue des blogs – mercredi 7 février 2018

Vélos en libre-service : la lutte pour survivre / François Lévêque, the conversation, 5/02/2018

Ofo à Pékin, Vélib’ à Paris, Citibike à New York : les vélos en libre-service se répandent dans les villes. La flotte planétaire a désormais dépassé le cap des dix millions de bicyclettes partagées. Elle se divise en deux populations, celle des vélos qui moutonnent en station, accrochés à des bornes, et celle qui papillonnent sans attache. Entre eux, c’est la lutte pour la vie… lire

Is Natural Gas the Transition Fuel for Hydrogen? / Amy Myers Jaffe and Joan Ogden, Energy, security and climate, 6/02/2018

The United Kingdom is moving forward with a novel plan to lower carbon emissions in home heating by injecting low carbon hydrogen into the country’s natural gas grid. National Grid’s Cadent Gas and Northern Gas Networks, together with Keele University, have been studying how to safely add hydrogen (H2) to natural gas residential networks to clean up the country’s heating sector which constitutes a fifth of the U.K.’s total carbon emissions. The pilot, if successful, would put more teeth behind the idea of natural gas as a bridge to lower carbon substitutes… lire

Placing U.S. Government Views on Climate Change into Historical Context / Robert Stavins, An economic view of the environment, 6/02/2018

In this year of 2018, the Europe Union, China, India, Brazil, Korea, Canada, and other countries are negotiating the details for implementation of the Paris Agreement, and are developing domestic policies to achieve their respective Nationally Determined Contributions under the Agreement.  At the same time, the United States – under the leadership of President Donald Trump – has announced its intention to withdraw from the Paris Agreement as soon as permitted (November, 2020), and has taken significant steps to immediately roll back domestic climate change policies put in place by the Obama administration.  This may be a good time to place this quite deviant U.S. government behavior into historical context… lire

Microgrids: From Niche to $100 Billion Market / Fereidoon Sioshansi, The Energy Collective, 5/02/2018

Energy experts at Navigant Research are convinced that micro-grids are moving from a niche novelty to mainstream, writes Fereidoon Sioshansi, publisher of newsletter EEnergy Informer. They forecast cumulative micro-grid investments of over $100 billion over the next decade, much of it in North America and Asia. Europe is lagging behind, but Finland may represent a growth market. Sioshansi takes a closer look at what microgrids are and how they are poised to shake up the electricity sector… lire

Trump’s Energy Policy: Is China the Real Winner? / Xixi Chen, manager, EDF+Business, The Energy Collective, 5/02/2018

This week, President Trump’s administration announced plans to cut the Department of Energy’s (DOE) renewable energy and energy efficiency program budgets by 72 percent, according to a leaked draft of the DOE budget for fiscal year 2019. This is the second major blow to the renewable energy industry, coming only days after Trump imposed a 30 percent tariff on solar imports… lire

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