Revue des blogs – jeudi 17 mai 2018

Blockchain and Energy Efficiency: A Match Made in Heaven? / Ethan Rogers, ACEEE, the energy collective, 15/05/2018

Blockchain technology could transform energy efficiency (and the world as we know it), but lately it’s been getting a bad rap. Many recent news reports have focused on how much energy is being used (and wasted by some accounts) to make Bitcoins.. lire

Numérique : le grand gâchis énergétique, CNRS le journal, 16/05/2018

Ordinateurs, data centers, réseaux… engloutissent près de 10 % de la consommation mondiale d’électricité. Et ce chiffre ne cesse d’augmenter. S’il n’est évidemment pas question de se passer des progrès apportés par le numérique, les scientifiques pointent un mode de fonctionnement peu optimisé et très énergivore… lire

Natural gas market fundamentals exceeded expectations in 2017, blog Cedigaz, 14/05/2018

Global gas market fundamentals have trended upward in 2017. Global natural gas consumption rose by 3.3% to reach a new peak of 3640 bcm in 2017, according to CEDIGAZ First Estimates (May 2018). Macroeconomic factors (abundant natural gas supply, economic growth) contributed to this bullish trend. Regulatory and policy factors also explained this performance. Considering the average growth of 1.5%/year of the five previous years, the 2017 performance looks impressive… lire

Will the Paris Agreement Help or Hinder Cooperation among Nations? / Robert Stavins, An economic view of the environment, 16/05/2018

I just returned from Florence, Italy, where I participated in the Second Carbon Market Workshop, organized by the European Commission, and hosted by the European University Institute.  This workshop, which brought together government representatives from around the world (with a sprinkling of academics and NGO representatives to add some spice to the discussion), was convened to examine how regional, national, and sub-national jurisdictions can cooperate in ways that could increase the effectiveness and/or reduce the costs of their respective climate change policies… lire

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