Shale gas: a provisional assessment of climate change and environmental impacts

Shale gas : a provisional assessment of climate change and environmental impacts / Ruth Wood, Paul Gilbert, Maria Sharmina, Kevin Anderson, Anthony Footitt. A research report by The Tyndall Centre University of Manchester, Jan. 2011, 87 p.

Researchers at the Tyndall Centre at the University of Manchester have investigated the environmental and climate change impacts of Shale Gas – a new fossil fuel resource already developed in the US and being considered for imminent extraction and use in the UK.

The report demonstrates how the extraction of shale gas risks seriously contaminating ground and surface waters. In this regard alone, the commissioned report calls for a moratorium on shale gas development until there is a much more thorough understanding of the extraction process.

More fundamentally, the report concludes that in an energy hungry world, any new fossil fuel resource will only lead to additional carbon emissions. In the case of shale gas there is also a significant risk its use will delay the introduction of renewable energy alternatives. “Consequently, if we are serious in our commitment to avoid dangerous climate change, the only safe place for shale gas remains in the ground” says Professor Kevin Anderson at the Tyndall Centre and the University of Manchester. (© Tyndall Centre)

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