Experiences of Climate Change Adaptation in Africa

Experiences of Climate Change Adaptation in Africa / Walter Leal Filho. Springer, 2011.


Presentation of the publisher :

Few regions in the world are as vulnerable as Africa in respect of the impacts of climate change, Whereas industralised countries have the financial means and technologies to adapt, the majority of African nations struggle to cope with the ever- increasing impacts of climate change, especially in respect of increased temperatures, droughts and rainfall shortages. The new book,  “Experiences of Climate Change Adaptation in Africa” explores the dimensions of climate change adaptation in Africa and presents a number of projects and initiatives which show that adaptation is possible and worthy pursuing. According to the book´s editor, Professor Walter Leal, Chairman of the International Climate Change Information Programme (ICCIP) and Senior Professor in Hamburg (Germany), London (UK) and Uppsala (Sweden) “it is a paradox that the poorest countries in Africa hardly contribute to global CO2 emissions on the one hand, but fully suffer the effects of global warming on the other.  This unfair distribution of burden needs to be addressed”. “Experiences of Climate Change Adaptation in Africa” presents a number of projects, field experiences and initiatives across the African continent, which show the degree of work and effort being put, to adapt to climate change. It is a rich source of information and inspiration to practitioners, member of international organisations, NGOs, aid agencies, Ministries, researchers and anyone interested to know more about the realities of climate change adaptation in Africa.

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