Current Developments in Pilot NAMAs

Current Developments in Pilot Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions of Developing Countries (NAMAs) / Hanna Wang-Helmreich, Wolfgang Sterk, Timon Wehnert and Christof Arens. Wuppertal Institute, Aug. 2011, 51 p. (JIKO Policy Paper 01/2011)

Expectations are high that the newly evolving mechanism of Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs) will enable large-scale emission reductions in developing countries. Even though modalities and procedures for NAMAs are still evolving, a number of developing countries and consultants are developing concrete actions and policies with the aim of gaining financial, technological and capacity-building support from industrialised countries. This paper analyses current developments in 16 pilot NAMAs with respect to essential elements such as GHG calculations, measuring, reporting and verification (MRV), cost calculations, barrier and risk assessments, sustainability benefits and financing structures. Also, the geographical and sectoral distribution of the 16 NAMAs as compared to the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) is considered. (© Wuppertal Institute)

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