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Emissions Gap Report 2018. UN Environment Programme, November 2018, 57 p.

The goal of the Paris Agreement on climate change, as agreed at the Conference of the Parties in 2015, is to keep global temperature rise this century to well below 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels. It also calls for efforts to limit the temperature increase even further to 1.5 degrees Celsius. The annual UN Environment Emissions Gap Report presents an assessment of current national mitigation efforts and the ambitions countries have presented in their Nationally Determined Contributions, which form the foundation of the Paris Agreement. 

Explaining and Measuring Social-Ecological Pathways: The Case of Global Changes and Water Security / T. Bolognesi, A.K. Gerlak, G. Giuliani, Sustainability, 2018, 10, 4378.

The Social-Ecological Systems framework serves as a valuable framework to explore and understand social and ecological interactions, and pathways in water governance. However, it lacks a robust understanding of change. We argue an analytical and methodological approach to engaging global changes in SES is critical to strengthening the scope and relevance of the SES framework. Relying on SES and resilience thinking, we propose an institutional and cognitive model of change where institutions and natural resources systems co-evolve. Our model of change provides a dynamic understanding of SES that stands on three causal mechanisms: institutional complexity trap, rigidity trap, and learning processes. We illustrate how data cube technology could overcome current limitations and offer reliable avenues for testing hypotheses about the dynamics of Social-Ecological Systems and water security by offering to combine spatial and time data with no major technical requirements for users.

Health impacts and costs of diesel emissions in the EU. Delft, CE Delft, November 2018, 72 p. (Study for European Public Health Alliance (EPHA))

The magnitude of the health costs of diesel pollution is still hidden. Despite the media coverage the Dieselgate scandal has received, too few actions have been taken in Europe in order to rectify the damage caused by the emission exceedances. While the impact of diesel emissions on the environment is well known, there is little attention paid to its health impacts. This CE Delft study explores costs, implications and solutions.

Trends and Projections in Europe 2018: Tracking progress towards Europe’s climate and energy targets. European Environment Agency, 2018, 118 p. (EEA Report No 16/2018)

The report is based on the most recent reported and approximated data from EU Member States on greenhouse gas emissions, renewable energy uptake and energy consumption.

Rapport d’information déposé par la commission des affaires européennes sur le troisième “paquet Mobilité” / Damien Pichereau, rapporteur. France. Assemblée nationale, novembre 2018, 54 p.

Complétant le processus de refonte du secteur européen des transports pour une mobilité plus sûre et plus propre, fondée sur des systèmes de transports moins émetteurs de CO2, enclenché avec les mesures publiées en mai et novembre 2017, le troisième « paquet Mobilité » présenté par la Commission européenne le 17 mai 2018 comporte notamment : le dernier élément de la « Mobilité propre » relative au système européen de lutte contre les émissions de CO2 liées au transport routier, en application des engagements pris dans l’Accord de Paris, avec l’introduction de normes minimales en matière d’émissions de CO2 pour les poids lourds et le renforcement de l’étiquetage énergétique des pneumatiques… lire la suite

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