Transformation of EU and Eastern Mediterranean Energy Networks

Transformation of EU and Eastern Mediterranean Energy Networks: Legal, Regulatory and Geopolitical Challenges / ed. by Leigh Hancher and Antonis Metaxas ; written by Jochen Mohr, Antonis Metaxas,  Sofia Michelaki, Michalis Mathioulakis, Fotini Bellou, Alexia Trokoudi, Marios Andrikopoulos, and Georgia Patsaroucha. Claeys and Casteels, 2018 (European Energy Studies Volume XV) – ISBN 9789077644638

This publication presents a short, comprehensive outline of selected core issues that define the regulatory and political challenges of energy networks in the EU and its links with the Eastern Mediterranean. It aims to identify the key elements that shape the future of gas and electricity networks in Europe and examines the regulatory challenges that policy-makers and legislators face in delivering robust and effective policies for the future. It also provides an insight into the links between the European Union’s Energy Policy and some of the key geopolitical elements currently facing the Eastern Mediterranean region. An analysis of the legislative issues on the integration of European energy markets and the digitalisation of energy networks provides a valuable insight into the future transformation of the energy market in the EU and its potential impact in Southeastern Europe.

The book is the result of a joint initiative between the Energy Union Law Area of the Florence School of Regulation (EUI) and the Hellenic Energy Regulation Institute. Several of the chapters have been discussed during the 2017 Athens Conference on European Energy Law.

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