EU’s progress towards meeting its Kyoto Protocol target for reducing greenhouse gas emissions

Today the European Commission published its annual report on the EU’s progress towards meeting its Kyoto Protocol target for reducing greenhouse gas emissions :

• Progress towards achieving the kyoto objectives : Report from the commission to the european parliament and the council. Brussels, 2011, 19 p. (draft)


The European Environment Agency (EEA) also published its latest analysis of greenhouse gas trends in the EU :

Greenhouse gas emission trends and projections in Europe 2011 – Tracking progress towards Kyoto and 2020 targets. Copenhagen : EEA, Sept. 2011, 152 p. EEA Report No 4/2011

This report presents an overview of the progress achieved so far by the EU, its Member States and other EEA member countries towards their respective targets under the Kyoto Protocol and the EU burden-sharing agreement, as well as 2020 targets set at EU level. The assessment is based on greenhouse gas (GHG) emission data in Europe for the period 2008–2010, including recent EEA estimates of proxy 2010 GHG emissions.


These two reports highlight the substantial progress the EU is making in breaking the link between carbon emissions and economic growth. By 2010 the EU succeeded in cutting emissions by 15.5% since 1990 while the economy grew by 41% over the same period. Emissions fell for six consecutive years up to and including 2009. The EU-15 remains firmly on course to meet its 8% emission reduction target under the Kyoto Protocol, and is most likely to overachieve it.

Connie Hedegaard made the following statement: “The EU continued decoupling emissions from GDP during the recession. Between 2008 and 2009, emissions fell by 7.1% in the EU-27, much more than the around 4% contraction in GDP. However, last year’s estimated 2.4% rise in emissions shows that we need to continue the decoupling process. Pursuing our efforts to make Europe a low-carbon society is the way forward. It will stimulate technological innovation, spur economic growth and create jobs while further reducing emissions so that we meet our 2020 climate and energy targets and long term goals.” (© EC)

(info source : European Commission climate action

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