International handbook of network industries : the liberalization of infrastructure

International handbook of network industries : the liberalization of infrastructure / ed. by Matthias Finger , Rolf W. Künneke. Edward Elgar, September 2011, 544 p., Hardback 978 1 84720 642 8 £145.00


1. Introduction Matthias Finger and Rolf Künneke


2. Basic Economic Principles of Infrastructure Liberalization: A Transaction Cost Perspective / Pablo Spiller

3. A General Framework for Regulation and Liberalization in Network Industries / Christian Jaag and Urs Trinkner

4. From “Service Public” to Universal Service: The Case of the European Union  / Matthias Finger and Dominique Finon

5. Evolution and Design of Institutions Supporting Liberalization / John Groenwegen

6. The Institutional Economic History of Infrastructure Industries 1830–1990: Ideology, Technology, Geo-politics?  / Robert Millward


7. Liberalisation in the Telecom Sector  / William Melody

8. Liberalisation in Radio Spectrum Management / William Melody and Wolter Lemstra

9. Liberalisation and the Internet /Milton Muller and Wolter Lemstra

10. The Liberalization of Electricity Markets / Jean-Michel Glachant and Yannick Perez

11. Trends in Gas / Maarten Arentsen

12. The Oil Industry: A Dynamic Patchwork of Approaches? / Aad Correljé and Lucia van Geuns

13. Reforming Railways  / Marc Laperrouza

14. Liberalisation of Air Transport  / Sveinn Gudmundsson

15. Road Infrastructure and Institutional Reform – Tolling and Pricing / David Hensher and Demi Chung

16. Public Transport Liberalization: Achievements and Future Directions  / John Stanley

17. Maritime Ports / Lourdes Trujillo and Marianela Gonzalez

18. Liberalisation in the Water Sector: Three Leading Models / Claude Ménard and Aleksandra Peeroo

19. Liberalisation in the Postal and Delivery Sector  / Michael Crew and Paul Kleindorfer


20. Liberalisation of Network Industries in the European Union: Evolving Policy Issues  / Matthias Finger and Marc Laperrouza

21. Liberalisation and Regulation of Telecoms, Electricity, and Gas in the United States / Mark Jamison

22. The Liberalization of Infrastructures in Latin America / Francesc Trillas and Miguel Montoya

23. Reform of China’s Energy and Telecommunications Sectors / Pun-Lee Lam and Alice Shiu

24. Infrastructure Reforms in India: An Analysis of Successes and Failures / Leena Srivastava and Shahid Hasan

25. Liberalisation of Infrastructures in Russia / Hella Engerer

26. Recent Australian Infrastructure Liberalization / Gary Madden, Jeffrey Petchey and Aaron Morey

27. Infrastructure Liberalization: Challenges to the New Economic Paradigm in the Context of Developing Countries  / Catarina Figueira and David Parker

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