IEA Scoreboard 2011

IEA Scoreboard 2011. Implementing Energy Efficiency Policy: Progress and challenges in IEA member countries. Paris : IEA, 2011, 76 p.

In the 2011 edition of the Scoreboard, the IEA has decided to focus on energy efficiency. The publication combines analysis of energy efficiency policy implementation and recent indicator development. The resulting Scoreboard 2011 provides a fuller picture of the progress as well as the challenges with implementing energy efficiency policy in IEA member countries. The report outlines the progress and identifies further priorities in this field by asking the following questions :
– What has been the contribution of energy efficiency policies and measures in limiting energy consumption in member countries since the establishment of the IEA in 1974?
– What is the level of implementation of energy efficiency policies and measures in IEA member countries compared to the IEA 25 energy efficiency policy recommendations? (copyright © IEA)

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