The supply chain of CO2 emissions

The supply chain of CO2 emissions / Steven J. Davis, Glen P. Peters, Ken Caldeira. Carnegie Institution for Science ; Cicero, 2011

Nations report and assume responsibility for carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from fossil fuels that are burned within their sovereign terrritory. However, both fossil fuels and consumer goods manufactured with fossil energy are commonly transported internationally. In this way, nations where fossil fuel resources are extracted or where the goods made with fossil energy are consumed may benefit from (and yet disclaim) emissions that occur elsewhere. Here we provide access to detailed results from analyses of the original sources of fossil fuels and the ultimate destinations of goods and services reliant on these fuels: the “supply chain” of CO2 emissions. This data represents a consistent set of carbon accounts at points of extraction (of fuels), production (of emissions), and consumption (of goods) for 112 nations/regions and 58 sectors, including trade linkages… (© the authors)

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The supply chain of CO2 emissions / Steven J. Davis / Glen P. Peters and Ken Caldeira. PNAS, October 17, 2011

We present a consistent set of carbon inventories that spans the full supply chain of global CO2 emissions, finding that 10.2 billion tons CO2 or

La France importe du CO2 russe., 25/10/2011,19824.html

Trois chercheurs livrent un outil inédit qui invite chaque pays à remonter la chaîne de son CO2, de l’extraction et la fabrication des produits à leur consommation…



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