Here comes the sun: report on a field trial of solar water heating systems

Here comes the sun: report on a field trial of solar water heating systems. Energy Saving Trust, 2011, 24 p.

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In this current study, we trialled solar water heating systems to provide evidence on how actual systems perform in real homes in the UK and the Republic of Ireland. This field trial, developed in 2008, follows our report on our field trial of domestic small-scale wind turbines, Location, location, location, and last year’s report on our trial of domestic heat pumps, Getting warmer. In line with the Energy Saving Trust’s previous field trials, these results have been peer-reviewed by experts in the industry. The Energy Saving Trust is committed to providing impartial and realistic advice to industry and to consumers, helping people to save energy and reduce carbon emissions. One of the key ways we do this is by providing expert insight and knowledge into low carbon/renewable energy technologies. Our activity in this area includes policy research, technical testing, and consumer advice. The results of the trial have been integrated into our consumer advice network, continuing our role as impartial advisors in the field. (© Energy Saving Trust)

Solar water heating systems are typically designed to provide half of the average home’s hot water needs. But the Energy Saving Trust’s recent study – the biggest ever study of solar water heating systems in the United Kingdom – found, over 88 sites, systems providing as much as 60 per cent of homes’ hot water – but also found one example providing 9 per cent. The median across all the homes was 39 per cent… (more about this report here :

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L’énergie solaire pourrait répondre à la moitié des besoins en eau chaude des ménages, EurActiv, 24/10/2011

Les systèmes de chauffage fonctionnant à l’énergie solaire pourraient répondre à plus de la moitié des besoins en eau chaude des ménages. C’est ce que révèle la plus grande étude jamais menée sur le terrain dans le domaine des systèmes énergétiques verts. Cette étude a été réalisée au Royaume-Uni.

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