Russian gas – Reminder of yesterday presaging tomorrow?

Russian gas – Reminder of yesterday presaging tomorrow? / William C. Ramsay. IFRI édito énergie, 9/11/2011

One can’t help but be struck by the irony earlier this week of Russian President (ad-interim) Medvedev celebrating the landing of gas in Lubmin Germany from the Nordstream gas pipeline from Russia while Former President and President-in-waiting Putin welcomes Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao to seek a deal to send Russian gas east to Chinese markets.  President Medvedev is opening the first of two pipes laid under the Baltic Sea that will supply up to 55 BCM of gas to Europe from Western Siberia.  Former President Putin is trying to finalize a deal he penciled with China in 2006 when frustrated by Europe’s expressions of concern about the security of Russian gas supply.  Putin wanted to be able to tell his G8 partners in St Petersburg that he had alternatives to European markets for his gas.  Putin was and remains a gas geostrategist.  For China, his gas is probably still too expensive…

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