Avoiding the Resource Curse : Spotlight on Oil in Uganda

Avoiding the Resource Curse: Spotlight on Oil in Uganda / Peter Veit, Carole Excell, Alisa Zomer. World Resources Institute working paper,  January 2011, 16 p.


Uganda has made significant progress in codifying the rights of access to information (ATI) and participation, and toward putting in place the institutional infrastructure, including a regulatory framework, for the oil sector. Political roll-backs that are re-concentrating power in the executive branch of government and the growing scale of known oil reserves, however, may jeopardize these advances.

In this context, the passage of a new law in the United States requiring companies that fi le annual reports with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to disclose the payments they make to host governments for the extraction of oil, natural gas and minerals, could help shore up transparency around investment in Uganda’s extractives industry and avoid the failures in governance that have exposed other countries to the “resource curse.” (© WRI)

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