International Economics of Resource Efficiency: Eco-Innovation Policies for a Green Economy

International Economics of Resource Efficiency: Eco-Innovation Policies for a Green Economy / Raimund Bleischwitz, Paul Welfens and ZhongXiang Zhang (editors). Springer, July 2011, 394 p.

Human societies face a threatening future of resource scarcity and environmental damages. This book addresses the challenge of turning these risks into opportunities and policies. It is a collection of high level contributions from experts of sustainable growth and sustainable resource management. Focussing on economics, sustainability, technology and policy, the book highlights system innovation, leapfrogging strategies of emerging economies, possible rebound effects and international market development. It puts natural resources centre stage and will make an important contribution to achieving the goal of a 21st century Green Economy… (© Springer)

contents :

Part I Sustainability Economics
1 Sustainability Economics, Resource Efficiency, and the Green New Deal /Lucas Bretschger
2 Global Economic Sustainability Indicator: Analysis and Policy Options for the Copenhagen Process /Paul J.J. Welfens, Jens K. Perret, and Deniz Erdem
3 System Innovation for Environmental Sustainability: Concepts, Policies and Political Economy /Paul Ekins
4 The Resources of Economies and the Productivity of Materials: Relevance, Measurement, Empirical Trends, Innovation, Resource Policies /Raimund Bleischwitz and Stefan Bringezu
5 The Economics of Current Metal Markets /Phillip Crowson

Part II International Analysis
6 Competences for Green Development and Leapfrogging: The Case of Newly Industrializing Countries /Rainer Walz
7 The US Proposed Carbon Tariffs, WTO Scrutiny and China’s Responses / ZhongXiang Zhang
8 Plan C: China’s Development Under the Scarcity of Natural Capital / Dajian Zhu and Yi Wu
9 The Dutch Energy Transition Approach /René Kemp
10 Material and Energy Consumption in Lithuania: Towards Sustainability /Renata Dagiliuté

Part III Rebound Effects in Economies
11 Price and Income Induced Rebound Effects of Improved Energy Efficiency in Swedish Households: With Comments on Materials Efficiency /Jonas Nässen and John Holmberg
12 Analyzing Rebound Effects /Ronald Schettkat
13 How to Reduce the Rebound Effect? /Wolfgang Irrek

Part IV Modelling the Use of Resources in Economies:Different Approaches
14 Multi-agent Modeling of Economic Innovation Dynamics and Its Implications for Analyzing Emission Impacts /Frank Beckenbach and Ramo´n Briegel
15 How to Increase Global Resource Productivity? Findings from Modelling in the PetrE Project/Christian Lutz

Part V Outlook on Sustainable Resource Management
16 Identification of Technologies, Products and Strategies with High Resource Efficiency Potential: Results of a Cooperative Selection Process /Holger Rohn, Michael Lettenmeier, and Nico Pastewski
17 Optimizing Resource Efficiency and Carbon Intensity in the Wood Processing Sector in Austria / Christian Ott, Andreas Windsperger, Brigitte Windsperger and Marcus Hummel
18 Sustainable Resource Management in the Production Chain of Precious and Special Metals / Christian Hagelüken
19 Eco-Innovation for Enabling Resource Efficiency and Green Growth: Development of an Analytical Framework and Preliminary Analysis of Industry and Policy Practices / Tomoo Machiba

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