Handbook of climate change and India: development, politics and governance

Handbook of climate change and India: development, politics and governance / Edited by Navroz K. Dubash. OUP/Earthscan/Routledge, 2011


How do policymakers, businesses and civil society in India approach the challenge of climatechange? What do they believe global climate negotiations will achieve and how? And how are Indianpolitical and policy debates internalizing climate change? Relatively little is known globally aboutinternal climate debate in emerging industrializing countries, but what happens in rapidly growingeconomies like India’s will increasingly shape global climate change outcomes.

This handbook brings together prominent voices from India, including policymakers, politicians,business leaders, civil society activists and academics, to build a composite picture of contemporaryIndian climate politics and policy. One section lays out the range of positions and substantive issuesthat shape Indian views on global climate negotiations. Another delves into national politics aroundclimate change. A third looks at how climate change is beginning to be internalized in sectoral policydiscussions over energy, urbanization, water, and forests. The volume is introduced by an essay thatsets out the critical issues shaping climate politics in India, and its implications for global politics. (© Centre for Policy Research)

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