The Death of Kyoto at Durban

The Death of Kyoto at Durban / Joe Marroquin, IAEE energy blog, 26/11/2011

The climate change agenda is encountering jetstream-like headwinds these days. So strong are the challenges ahead of the South African COP 17 conference which starts in two days that even the European Union countries, traditionally the climate change champions,  are considering not signing up to another round or extension of the Kyoto Protocol. Countries like Japan, Canada and Russia have already registered their position that they will not sign up to a Kyoto extension or to another round of climate targets unless the emerging economies of the world sign up to real binding targets. Countries like India, China, Brazil and other developing countries have indicated that they cannot sign up to binding emissions cuts. Then there is the money: the developing world wants a whopping $300 Billion dollars a year in climate change mitigation and development money from the developed world. How did it get this bad?…

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