Assessment of the required share for a stable EU electricity supply until 2050

Assessment of the required share for a stable EU electricity supply until 2050 : final report / Wietze Lise, Jeroen van der Laan, Koen Rademaekers, et al. Brussels : European Commission, Oct. 2011, 45 p.

The main objective of this  study is to quantify the overall limits of energy system – and thus supply – stability under the likely conditions of significantly increased future shares of generation from intermittent sources.
The emphasis of this Final Report is to present the results of the above mentioned study. As such, the report includes a review of literature on European energy (infrastructure) policy and the integration of electricity generated from intermittent sources (thus the generation of power that is non-continuous) and the prospective scenarios for the embedded integration of intermittent generation. Therefore, key scenarios from different institutions and data sources for 2050 (and 2030) have been analyzed, specifically based on the achievement of the targeted 80% reduction in greenhouse gases in 2050 from 1990 levels. For the drafted scenarios a merit-order curve is derived to show the increasing marginal costs for embedding higher levels of intermittent generation technologies. In addition, suggestions are made for measuring “stable supply”, which is a minimum needed level of stability to balance the power system in real time…

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