Energy and resources prediction 2012

Energy & resources prediction 2012. Cabinet Deloitte, October 2011, 24 p.

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The report provides insight into the key themes likely to impact the energy and resources sector in 2012, including volatility in commodity prices, breakthroughs in nanotechnology, new technologies in oil recovery, future of oil field services, and the rising importance of water footprint for energy companies, which the report claims will be one of the key themes throughout 2012.

“Over the last twelve months, there have been no shortage of themes impacting energy and resources globally,” said Carl Hughes, Global Head – Energy & Resources. “From the impact of the ‘Arab Spring’ on oil markets to rising commodity prices to the heated debate over the future of nuclear power, these themes are diverse as they are geographically dispersed and they serve as an underlying current in this year’s report.”

Commenting on the report in Moscow, Russell Banham, Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) Industry Leader for Energy & Resources, said, “The importance of the CIS is further evident in this year’s report, from both a supply and demand perspective. The ever growing importance of gas and other mineral resources should keep the region at the forefront of the international energy and resources markets and could even act as a protection mechanism for the CIS against the possibility of a double dip recession.”…


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Deloitte dresse son panorama des défis énergétiques et environnementaux pour 2012, Actu-environnement, 15/03/2012

La gestion des ressources naturelles (terres rares, eau), l’incertitude et les risques liés aux marchés du pétrole et du gaz et les questions de sûreté et de gestion des déchets pour le nucléaire sont des défis pour le secteur de l’énergie en 2012…

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