Addressing climate change and migration in Asia and the Pacific

Addressing climate change and migration in Asia and the Pacific. Asian Development Bank, March 2012, 94 p.

Description (source and copyright © ADB) :

Climate change will increase the frequency of extreme weather events, making more geographic places inhospitable to human habitation and secure livelihoods. This report presents a detailed picture of the potential impacts of climate change on migration in Asia and the Pacific. It draws upon a wealth of research to provide policy makers with informed analysis of an emerging phenomenon requiring urgent attention by governments and the international community. The report also suggests that climate-induced migration should be seen not only as a threat to human well-being but also as a potential tool to promote human adaptation to climate change.

Contents : 

  • Part I: Assessing the Evidence
    • Methodological Issues and Caveats
    • Migration Patterns
    • Climate Change Impacts
    • How Climate Change Will Affect Migration
  • Part II: Addressing the Issue
    • Framing Climate-Induced Migration in a Development Agenda
    • Strengthening Adaptation Through Migration
    • Improving the Knowledge Base
    • International Cooperation
    • Funding Climate-Induced Migration
    • Recommendations
    • Conclusion
  • Bibliography

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