Chilling Jitters: Should the U.S. Export Natural Gas?

Chilling Jitters: Should the U.S. Export Natural Gas? / Amlan Saha, IAEE International Energy Online Forum, 26/03/2012

In an energy landscape full of oddities, U.S. producers salivating at the prospect being able to export natural gas at European or Asian prices is the latest. A supply glut along with record low natural gas prices domestically have led at least three U.S. liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminals – Sabine Pass, Freeport and Lake Charles – to apply for export licenses. Several others are in various stages of doing so. It has given rise to a national debate over the impact of exports with at least one lawmaker proposing to ban exports of natural gas from the U.S. (Under the Natural Gas Act of 1938 any import or export of natural gas requires approval by the Department of Energy.)…

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