Climate Policy after Copenhagen

Climate policy after Copenhagen. The role of carbon pricing / Karsten Neuhoff. Cambridge University Press, September 2011, 296 p. ISBN-13: 9781107401419 (disponible à partir d’avril 2012)

At the UN Climate Negotiations in Copenhagen, 117 heads of state concluded that low-carbon development is necessary in order to combat climate change. However, they also understood that transition to a low-carbon economy requires the implementation of a portfolio of policies and programs – a challenging endeavour for any nation. This book addresses the need for information about factors impacting climate policy implementation, using as a case study one effort that is at the heart of attempts to create a low-carbon future: the European Emission Trading Scheme. It explores problems surrounding the implementation of the ETS, including the role of vested interests, the impact of design details and opportunities to attract long-term investments. It also shows how international climate cooperation can be designed to support the domestic implementation of low-carbon policies. This timely analysis of carbon pricing contains important lessons for all those concerned with the development of post-Copenhagen climate policy. (© CUP)

Contents :

  • The role of a climate policy mix
  • Implementing a carbon price, the example of cap and trade
  • Shifting investment to low-carbon choices
  • Co-operation among developed countries – a role for carbon markets?
  • A world of different carbon prices
  • International support for low-carbon growth in developing countries

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