Modelling selected attributes of smart grids

Modelling selected attributes of smart grids – A contribution to open source energy systems analysis / Manuel Welsch, Mark Howells, Morgan Bazilian, Joseph DeCarolis, Sebastian Hermann and Hans-Holger Rogner. Royal Institute of Technology. Department of Energy Technology, 58 p. (DESA working paper series)!/Menu/general/column-content/attachment/Modelling%20Selected%20Attributes%20of%20Smart%20Grids%20-%20A%20Contribution%20to%20Open%20Source%20Energy%20Systems%20Analysis%20-%202012-04-03.pdf

‘Smart Grids’ are expected to help facilitate a better integration of distributed storage and demand response options into power systems and markets. Quantifying the associated system benefits may provide valuable design and policy insights. Yet, many existing energy system models are not able to depict various critical features associated with Smart Grids in a single comprehensive framework. These features may for example include grid stability issues in a system with several flexible demand types and storage options to help balance a high penetration of renewable energy. Flexible and accessible tools have the potential to fill this niche. This paper expands on the Open-Source Energy Modelling System (OSeMOSYS). It describes how ‘blocks of functionality’ may be added to represent variability in electricity generation, a prioritisation of demand types, shifting demand, and storage options. The paper demonstrates the flexibility and ease-of-use of OSeMOSYS with regard to modifications of its code. It may therefore serve as a useful test-bed for new functionality in tools with widespread use and larger applications, such as MARKAL or MESSAGE. As with the core code of OSeMOSYS, the functional blocks described in this paper are available in the public
domain. (© the authors)

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