Arctic opening: Opportunity and risk in the High North

Arctic opening: Opportunity and risk in the High North / Charles Emmerson, et al. Lloyd’s ; Chatham House, 2012, 60 p.,%20Environment%20and%20Development/0412arctic.pdf

This report explores how the rapidly changing Arctic environment is creating both opportunities and risks for businesses operating in Arctic region.

Contents :

Introduction: Change, uncertainty and risk in the Arctic
1. Geography transformed: Environmental change and the Arctic
1.1 Arctic climate change: Global early-warning
1.2 Sea ice retreat: More than me ets the eye
1.3 Ecosystems on the edge
1.4 New access, new vulnerabilities
2. Opportunity and uncertainty: Charting the Arctic’s economic and political future
2.1 Arctic mineral resources
2.1.1 Arctic oil and gas
2.1.2 Mining
2.2 Fisheries
2.3 Shipping and logistics
2.4 Arctic tourism
2.5 Arctic politics
2.5.1 Who owns what? Who controls what?
2.5.2 The geopolitics of Arctic energy
2.5.3 Arctic governance
3. Assessing and managing Arctic risks
3.1 Operational risk factors
3.2 Risks to the environment
3.3 Whose liability? Which liability regime?
3.4 Political and reputational risk factors
3.5 Managing risk
3.5.1 Risk governance
3.5.2 Risk mitigation
3.5.3 The role of risk transfer

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