The Politics of climate change and the global crisis

The politics of climate change and the global crisis / Praful Bidwai. Transnational Institute/Orient BlackSwan, November 2011, 392 p., ISBN: 978-81-250-4503-8

“The Politics of Climate Change and the Global Crisis” is one of the first books to examine India as an example of an ’emerging economy’ major polluter, which can potentially both aid or obstruct the fight against climate change. It analyses the role of the BASIC (Brazil, South Africa, India, China) grouping and the short-term calculations of industrialised nations in the climate talks.

Bidwai argues that the climate crisis aggravates the global developmental crisis and is intimately linked through the prevalent iniquitous development model to grave economic, social and political crises in evidence globally. He puts forward alternatives to this dismal situation, based on equity, resource conservation, curbs on luxury consumption, promotion of renewable energy and new patterns of production and consumption which sustain low-carbon development. What the global effort lacks is candid acknowledgement of the need for a qualitative change in the growth model and the will to bring it about through democratic popular participation… (© TNI)

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