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Energy Efficiency Market Report 2015

“The International Energy Agency has released the 2015 Energy Efficiency Market Report that provides insights into how businesses, households and policy-makers generate the investments that drive the energy efficiency market and how this market impacts our energy system. As the negotiations heat up in Paris, energy efficiency is working to lower the temperature.”

The Comparative Turn in Climate Change Adaptation and Food Security Governance Research

Central to this working paper is the notion that the concepts and methods of comparative politics can shine light on political factors important for catalysing positive change on the governance climate change adaptation and food security in the developing world…

Russia’s gas policy in Asia: The driving forces and the nature of institutional changes

Russia’s turn to Asian energy markets started well before punitive sanctions were imposed by the international community. The international community politicized trade in energy after having interpreted Russia’s position on the Ukrainian crisis as a demonstration of Russia’s imperial ambitions and attempt to rebuild the Soviet Union against the Ukraine’s sovereign will to seek closer economic ties with the European Union (EU) and not with the Russia-led Eurasian Economic Union (EEU)…

Carbon emissions scenarios in Europe based on an endogenous growth model

Carbon dioxide emissions are a major force driving climate change. We construct scenarios of CO2 emissions from fossil energy until 2100 in Europe. Major innovations are first that economic growth is based on an endogenous economic growth model and second that we calibrate our model to historical data on population and GDP since 1850…

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